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SubscribeIn these post apocalyptic days we realise that there are some of you wishing to take advantage of all the good things a PPP subscription has to offer, but for a small regular monthly payment, rather than an annual 'hit' to your wallet.

Here's the deal then - almost the same benefits as the Annual subscription for just £4.95 a month via paypal.

•  Your personal login and password giving month by monthly access to:
•  The podcast archive - at least 50 back editions from the past 12 glorious years.
•  Instant access to every new podcast as it is released, either via iTunes, MP3 download or XML feed.
•  Special offers and advance notice of live shows, personal appearances & more.
•  The comforting warm feeling you get from keeping 2 old men off the breadline.

ONE CAVEAT: The password and login supplied by PayPal when you sign up MAY TAKE UP TO 24 HOURS TO 'GO LIVE'.

This is a once in a lifetime offer you cannot afford to miss, go ahead, make our day - click the button below...



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